Questions to Ask of Your Gear Manufacturer

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Picking a gear producer is a significant choice. Depending on the size and scope of your job, you could be

Paying thousands of dollars for custom materials, yet regardless, you need to make sure the job is done

Well. One little slip in precision, or one improper procedure could lessen the quality of your entire

Project. You need to make sure your gear manufacturer of choice is reputable, capable, and reliable, but

Do you know what questions to ask to investigate these qualities?

When searching for a gear manufacturer for your job, make sure you ask these five questions:

• What’s the input speed and horsepower?

• What’s the gearbox target output speed or output torque?

• What are the characteristics of use? How many hours per day will the gearbox run? Will it need to?

Withstand shock and vibration?

• How overhung is the load? Is there an internal overhung load?

• Does the machine need a shaft or hollow-bore input, or a shaft or hollow-bore output?

• How will the gearing be oriented? For instance, if specifying a right-angle worm gearbox, does the

Machine need the worm over or under the wheel? Will the shafts protrude from the machine?

Horizontally or vertically?

• Does the environment necessitate corrosion-resistant paints or stainless-steel housing and shafts?

• What client references can you provide?

This guarantees you get the correct data and that the gearing mounts appropriately and performs to


With over 35 years of history, Accu has earned a reputation for being a standout

Amongst other gear producers in the nation. We’re proud of that reputation and were here to serve all

Your gear related needs. If you have any inquiries or any question relating to our process, do not

Hesitate to contact us.

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