How to select the right water motor restoration service?

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Different pump repair businesses exist. Each shop has particular limits and skill sets. Choosing the right company for your restoration depends on a number of variables. In this article, we will help you to make the right decision for your motor restoration issues.

Different types of motor restoration facilities

There are different types of water motor restoration facilities including electric motor restoration shops, multi-brand distributors, OEM service centers, and stand-alone service providers.

Let’s have a brief look at these services separately.

The electric motor restoration shop

Different industrial pump services offer water motor restoration. Often these shops handle simple fixes like end suction. However, many are experts in fixing submersible motors.

This makes a lot of sense because these motors are a part of the electrical motor family.

Do you know? moisture intrusion is frequently the cause of failure in electric motors.

To provide better service some independent businesses have employed qualified motor engineers in addition to mechanics or technicians with experience in restoring water motors.

Multibrand distributors

Since many motor manufacturers have closed their OEM shops over the years and chosen to postpone restorations and sales to “approved” restoring facilities in many situations, distributors are making up the majority of motor restoration facilities. Many of these wholesalers market and provide assistance for various manufacturers’ brands and goods.

Stand-alone service providers

Although there are exceptions, stand-alone businesses typically have ex-OEM motor engineers as the owners and tend to specialize in high-end restoration since they are equipped to handle complicated/high-energy motor servicing. However, a few independent shops have specialized engineers, and mechanics on board to handle the trickier motor services. Since few restoration shops can handle the more complicated, high-energy, or multistage motor reparation, their goal is to reduce competition.

OEM service center

Some manufacturers still have their own reparation shops for motors. It should go without saying that these facilities have engineers, mechanics, and technicians who have received manufacturing training. Almost all OEM shops prioritize “non-OEM” reparation. This is essential t To keep the desired profit margins required by the manufacturer.

How to select a water motor reparation shop?

Set your expectations straight

First and foremost, one must set expectations before choosing a motor reparation service. The following statement, from an unidentified author, puts everything in perspective: If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. This notion is applicable in all aspects of life. As restoring motors is no different.

I have had multiple client meetings to discuss problems with motor systems. Whenever I asked for the “as found, as built” reports I was mostly given one answer that we didn’t receive any documentation.

You cannot hold the restoration shop responsible for services that you did not request. The quotation says, “you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Would you ask a salesperson to sell you a car if you walked into a car dealership? I scarcely believe that. Before entering, you would probably have a specific model, features, color, price range, etc. in mind. The same applies to a motor shop. Writing out your expectations and making them clear and precise helps to avoid future misunderstandings.

All parties with a stake in the pumping system should be involved when setting expectations. This will help you with problems if the motor begins to disturb you again.

The following individuals should be on the team: the buyer, the reliability engineer, the maintenance manager, the operations manager, the production manager, the electrical engineer, and the instrumentation and controls engineer.

This can seem like going overboard. However, you will be grateful that everyone agreed on the scope and caliber of the restoration. It is an unpleasant fact of life that whenever production is interfered with when revenues are lost, so someone has to take the fall. Working together as a team can reduce the risk of lost output and earnings while keeping the lines of communication open within the facility.

Two important factors for selecting the right motor reparation service

You should establish two things with your service provider before starting to work with them.

  1. Are they ready to give full service including “push and pull” (removal and installation of parts)?
  2. Are they ready to ship the motor out of state for further reparation?

Remember that a full-service shop is the best option since it has complete control over the entire process and limits any warranty restoration claims. Also, make sure that someone trustable observes the restoration procedure of your motor.

These two aspects may restrict your choice based on team suggestions and potential plant management philosophies. Due to lead times and availability, it is also preferable to have various facilities that are certified to give service. The qualification of specific shops for noncritical motor restoration is another factor. This would expand the overall selection of stores.

Users need to exercise caution while selecting a provider of motor reparation services. Taking your motors to a shady restoration shop could make the motors’ condition worse. On the other hand, going to a reputable reparation facility helps to ensure both the functionality and dependability of the motor as well as the promptness of the reparation.

The final selection 

After choosing a few facilities, the phone interview comes next. With a list of qualifying questions and, once again, using the criteria and expectations created by the team. This process can be managed by your team as a whole or by one team member only.

The next stage is to conduct a vendor audit if your team is confident in the responses provided by the service facility. This approach necessitates a site visit from a competent audit team experienced in both quality control and motor maintenance processes. It is required to physically verify the information supplied during the phone interview and to get extra information based on the kind of motors you want to be fixed.

Summing things up

Effective motor reparation requires a good and experienced team. So, if you’re looking for such service providers never settle for inexperienced. Always invest in the right team.

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